2010 DTES community visioning FINAL report: CCAP Vision for Change in the DTES

DTES visioning draft interim report-Seeing It Our Way

Our Place & Our Words: Mapping Report on Downtown Eastside community assets and challenges – CCAP Mapping Report.

NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US – CCAP Interim Report on Community Visioning.


CCAP 2015 SRO hotel report: Our Homes Can’t Wait

CCAP 2014 SRO hotel report: On the Brink: The DTES Housing Crisis

CCAP 2013 SRO hotel report: No Place to Go: Losing Affordable Housing and Community

CCAP 2012 SRO hotel report: “We’re trying to get rid of the welfare people” 2012_CCAP hotel report_COVERand accompanying map of gentrifying hotels: 2012 DTES hotel gentrification map (pdf download). See the online version of the map here and the online version of the report here

CCAP 2011 SRO hotel report: UPSCALE: The downside of gentrification

CCAP 2010 SRO hotel report: Pushed Out: Escalating Rents in the DTES

CCAP 2009 SRO hotel report: Still Losing Housing

CCAP 2008 SRO hotel report: Disappearing Homes.


DTES Fact Sheet

Poverty Facts