By Diane Wood

After a long wait, the new development plan for the DTES, known as the Local Area Plan (LAP), is going to be released soon. Local Area Planning Process (LAPP) Low Income Caucus and CCAP have launched a new petition drive. We’re working to show City Council that DTES residents want to slow down condos to get more social housing that we can afford.


In March, 2014, the city will decide on a plan for the future of the DTES for the next 30 years. The Local Area Plan must include:

#1. MORE HOUSING. Build 5,000 units of self-contained housing for DTES residents. Make sure that 60% of all new housing built in the Oppenheimer Area is social housing, and 40% is rental housing (no condos). Ensure that people on welfare and pensioners can afford this housing. Make sure some of the housing is for people who are children, adults and seniors all together. Stop renovictions.

#2. CONTROLLING BUSINESS GENTRIFICATION. Create a process directed by low income people to approve or deny new business (restaurant, liquor, store) applications.

#3. A SOCIAL JUSTICE ZONE. Create plans and projects to make sure low-income people have meaningful jobs. Protect residents’ safety and stop abuse by police and security guards. Fund an Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Centre. End discrimination so everyone can access the services they need. Fund peer run mental health services, harm reduction services and detox and treatment on demand. Push the province to raise welfare and disability rates.

I agree that this list should be part of the Local Area Plan for the DTES. It should be adopted and funded by the city and province.

To sign the petition, please come by the CCAP office (on the 2nd floor of the Carnegie Community Centre), look for us on our streets, or send your name, address (if you’d like) and contact info (if you’d like) to

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