Lippman’s out… but Wonder Rooms & Palace Hotel residents are still in danger

The Wonder Rooms and Palace hotels had their day in court again on Wednesday June 13th. A court-ordered sale was supposed to approve or refuse a bid to buy the buildings by notorious gentrifier Stephen Lippman. But on Tuesday, less than 24 hour before the court date, Lippman’s offer stalled, and then failed. The Wonder and Palace hotels have been saved from the clutches of an investor who has a record of raising rents and bringing in a higher income group of renters… but the 72 rooms are not safe, healthy, or secure yet. Continue reading

Parent and grandparents tell Dix: “We’re not begging, just asking for justice”

Parents and grandparents tell Dix:  “We’re not begging, just asking for justice”

Raise welfare rates to a liveable level, build social housing that people on welfare and basic old age pension can afford, and stop clawing back 100% of earnings and child support payments.  That’s what nine parents and one grandparent on income assistance told NDP Leader Adrian Dix and MLA Jenny Kwan at Strathcona Community Centre on June 5th.  Continue reading